Glee Femslash

This blog is mostly for all of my favorite Glee femslash pairing.

Favorite pairings include: Faberry (Achele), Brittana (Heya), Pezberry, and Brittberry,.

Note: Nothing posted here is owned by me unless stated otherwise.

Please feel free to submit.


Fic Recs



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  1. …don’t forget me, okay?

  2. nayas-overalls:

    Mama Lopez hates tumblr…

  3. Author: your.kat

    Pairing: Quinn/Rachel 

    Rated: M

    Genre: Adventure/Romance

    Summary: Some of them survived the first fifty-eight days of the zombie apocalypse. Some of them didn’t. But maybe happy endings are just stories that aren’t finished yet. Sequel to “Better Run, Outrun My Gun.”

    (Source: fuckyeahgleefemslash)

  5. nayas-overalls:

    Mama Lopez was on her way…

  6. Quinntana Week || Day 3 - College!AU:Quinn, stuck in Connecticut for exams, skypes into Santana’s birthday party.

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  7. (Source:

  8. (Source: -bawsten)

  9. smythelopezs:

    Brittana Week: Valentine’s Day

  10. Brittana!week: Fic - Your Love (is all that I need) (Brittana!Valentine’s Day)


    Brittana Week; Day 4 - Valentine’s Day

    Title: Your Love (is all that I need)

    Summary: “You can take them down tomorrow, I know that you don’t like your sex dungeon to look childish or messy.”

    Read More

    (Source: reckless-deception)

  11. (Source: urgrrl)

  12. AU. Quinntana| In time
    “For a few immortals to live, many people must die.”

    (Source: staaahma)

  13. surimistick:

    Brittana Week Day 2: Hogwarts